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Woodlan Didn’t Win, But They Did

ISSMA regionals happened last Saturday. It was warm and sunny and not like October at…

Did we win?

Oh, well…Nope.

Which is odd for us, isn’t it. Every prior competition, we left with a first place trophy and all the captions, but not this time.

That’s okay, because regionals is all about moving on to semi-state. They improved their score. So they are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Qualifying is the name of the game.

I mean winning is nice. Sure. But not required right now. The way to get to state finals is to qualify. Keep practicing, Spirit! Keep improving! Stay focused through these last weeks.

The Spirit of Woodlan shone bright last Saturday and are one of the top ten bands in the northern part of Indiana headed for semi-state, where we will meet the top ten bands from the south.

Deep breaths, everyone. For the top ten of those twenty will advance to state finals. And we have to be there.

For the Spirit of Woodlan musicians made a lot of wishes. If you don’t know about the wish wall, ask one of the band members.

Most of the wishes hold the hope of not only going to state, but winning. And they can do it!

But first, a week off! Wait…a week off?

Well, kinda. Saturday, the marching band will perform for all who want to see. For all those who can’t get to the competitions. Let’s hope they can perform outside!

See you there!

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