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Time. That’s what being in a marching band takes. That’s what it demands. That’s what it needs to thrive.

Time on the field and in the band room practicing.

Time. To learn the music. To learn the drill.

To travel to competitions.

Time. To put on pants and jackets, hats and plumes, gloves and gauntlets.

Time. To do hair and make-up.

Time. To take care of instruments.

Time. To laugh with friends. To enjoy the moments.

Time. To line up.

Time. To smile. (My beautiful faeries!)

Time. To be silly. (Don’t ask what these two are doing, no one knows.)

Time. To head off to warm-ups.

Time. To take the field.

Time. To do their best. To give everything to the show.

And a special shout out to this little audience member, who used precious moments of his time to get that glove to stay on top of his hat…

Time. To wait.

Time. To learn the results. Sometimes, that means winning.

The band. The Spirit of Woodlan.

But let’s remember those who take time from their lives to support the band. Maybe we don’t see them, they don’t stand center stage. But so many help.


To load and unload the truck.

To take care of the uniforms…every glove, gauntlet, and shoe.

To build the props.

To chaperone on the buses.

To make and serve lunch.

To raise money.

To work the concession stands.

To decorate the lockers.

To add special touches to the band room.

To drive the musicians to and from practice.

To go to the competitions and cheer.

Time. We give willingly to make these years of being in the marching band special, memorable.

Three competitions down. Four (possibly…oh heck, FOUR CAUSE WE’LL GO TO STATE THIS YEAR) more to go.

Time ticks on. Until the end of the season.

So, make it count.

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