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Winter Programs Host a Performance for the Community

Last Friday night, March 22, Woodlan Winter Guard and Woodlan Winter Winds hosted their end-of-the-season Community Performance in the Auxiliary Gym. Winter Guard had completed their season two weeks before the Community Performance, so they arrived early to practice their show. Winter Guard took the floor first and performed their Gold-rated show, “As the Days Grow Shorter”.  They gave two performances of their show to a very enthusiastic and supportive crowd.

Woodlan Winter Guard performing "As the Days Grow Shorter"

After allowing time for Winter Guard to clear the floor, Winter Winds brought in their props and tarp to set up for their show. They performed two run-throughs of their show, “The Other Side”, which also served as a final run-through for IPA State Finals that was taking place the next day. Again, the crowd was very supportive and cheered loudly for the group. The stands were filled with family and friends that have created a very supportive community for the Spirit of Woodlan and our Winter Programs. The staff and students alike were very grateful for the great turnout and tremendous support that our community has shown.

After the performances ended, family and friends gathered on the floor to take pictures and congratulate all of the students. Thank you to everyone that came out to support all of these talented students! They could not do what they do without the support of their strong community around them!

Woodlan Winter Winds performs "The Other Side"

Winter Winds Seniors enjoying their last Community Performance

What a fantastic turnout! Thank you for all the support!

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