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A Busy Week Preparing for State Finals

This past week was a busy one getting ready for State Finals! At rehearsals this week, the students worked hard at reworking problem areas and revamped entire sections of the show. Part 3 drill was completely reworked, and the students worked hard to run and rerun the drill. There were all kinds of new aches and pains this week, and the students were absolutely exhausted! Parents spent the week fixing and reworking set pieces, as well as (YES!) adding even more to the show at the last minute! Parents also worked at gathering goodies for goody bags and getting locker decorations ready to go.

2022 Staff: Front Row: Derick Hershberger, Cody Groves, Nathan Spellman, Nicole Osborn

Back Row: Derek Haag, Abbi Milton, Eli Neeley, Jennifer Spencer

On Friday evening, March 18th, Woodlan Indoor Percussion hosted a March for Mental Health. The March raised money for suicide awareness and proceeds benefitted Indoor Percussion as well as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Participants were offered beads to wear, with each color symbolizing a cause that was important to them (loss of a loved one, parent, child, family or friend that is struggling, supporter of the cause, etc). Because it was raining, the event was held inside and participants walked around the gyms and through the hallways of the school. Popcorn and drinks were provided. Later, during the Community Performance, the Band Boosters announced that the event had raised $1,820 to be donated to the Indiana Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

After the March for Mental Health, the students changed into their uniforms and got ready to perform for the community. They presented their show, “Out of the Darkness”, and did a wonderful job. After introducing staff and acknowledging parent volunteers, the students reset and prepared for their second performance of the night. After Derick turned off one set of gym lights, the crowd cheered for more lights to be turned off… and were ecstatic when he complied! Both the crowd and the students alike were excited to see the show with the lights turned low.

The students presented a simply amazing show in the dark, and were met with lots of excitement and cheers from the crowd. (It was, in my opinion, the very best performance of the show this season!). Seeing the students “Shining their lights” in Part 3 brought goosebumps to many. Wow! What an incredible performance!!!

The students took pictures with family and friends before ending their night and getting ready for their big day on Saturday. It was a quick night’s sleep before an early morning rehearsal on Saturday.

Brady from Eastside came to see the show at the Community Performance. Several percussion members from Eastside became fast friends with a group of Woodlan students at the Carroll competition. Pretty awesome how music unites them!

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