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A New Season is Upon Us

The Senior Class of 2024: Katy, Bella, Braedon, Emmy, Rogan, Josiah, Delaney, Alex, Ava, Ean, Joe, Darren

Welcome to the 2023 Marching Band Season! Another August has arrived and brings with it a new marching band season, so buckle up and get ready for the roller coaster that is the fall season! The students of the Spirit of Woodlan are about to embark on another fall full of hard work and long hours, but most of all, great times and awesome memories shared together. The marching band season technically started for most of the students way back in April 2023, right after Spring Break. They had several practices to get ready for Parade Season, followed by the Hoagland Days and Mermaid Festival Parades in June. They had one week of band camp in June, which unfortunately got hampered by air quality alerts that kept them indoors for several days due to smoke from the Canadian wildfires. July was their month off before coming back together for their second week of Band Camp during the first week of August.

At the end of July, the Band Boosters hosted the Spirit of Woodlan Past, Present, and Future: Family Day, Alum Reunion, & Silent Auction. We are in the midst of a huge fundraising year, as we have purchased a much-needed new-to-us semi-trailer for hauling our equipment this fall to replace our 25+ year-old trailer that has seen better days (we got that trailer during my senior year all those years ago!). Our fundraising goals are quite high to accomplish this, so that might explain why you see SOOO many fundraisers this year. We understand that fundraisers are not high on everyone’s favorite list, but they are necessary this season. For new parents that might be wondering why we are asking for so much, please bear with us, as this is not a normal season, and we don’t normally beg as much as we are this season! The Family Day was a great fundraiser and it was so nice to see members of the Spirit of Woodlan family from the past!

Mr. Slattery with several current band students at the Family Day

Before I go much further, allow me to introduce myself for those of you that don’t know me. I am Sarah Harber, and my daughter, Bella, is a senior clarinet player. I am currently the Band Board Treasurer, so I have the icky job of begging everyone for their money (which I really don’t like to do!). I also am in charge of uniforms and am a member of the pit crew. You’ll see me just about everywhere all the time this season! 😊I am a Spirit of Woodlan alumna and Bella plays my old clarinet! My husband, Jason Harber, is the Band Board Publicity Director and works in the pit crew as well as helps build props every season. You’ll definitely see him around everywhere as well! 😊 We love the Spirit of Woodlan and the community that surrounds it!

Bella and I at the Family Day

The last day of the second week of band camp is always a lot of fun with a water balloon fight between the upperclassmen and the underclassmen. The upperclassmen were greatly outnumbered and got hammered by the underclassmen!

The seniors on their last day of their last band camp!

This year, Jennifer Spencer challenged the students to dress up according to themes everyday of band camp. The winning section would receive a pizza or Crumbl Cookie party. The clarinets were the winners!

The clarinets

The Harlan Days parade was next up after band camp:

Cody Groves being his amazing self!

After band camp, the students returned to school and have begun their long after-school practices. This past Friday, August 18, they performed in their first home football game of the season. They debuted the opener and ballad of their fall show as they parked and played in parade attire. They will march their show in uniform in a few weeks. These students are working hard at practices to get the show ready for this season, and are already doing great things. The show this year is titled, “The Undiscovered.”

The Senior Banners at the home football game

During halftime:

Stay tuned here for more updates on the season. I try to post weekly during the season with pictures, and I post a lot of pictures! If anyone has anything they want to share, send it my way and I’ll make sure to include it!

Up next, the band will again perform at the Boys Varsity Football game this Friday night, August 25th. Hope to see you then!

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