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A Night of Celebration: One Last Time for Our Seniors

Senior night.

A marvelous tradition where we honor our seniors. Tonight, October 16th, before the football game, escorted by their proud parents, the seniors will walk along the track as their achievements are read, celebrating the years of high school life. And marching band is a giant part of high school life. So many smiles. So much laughter. So many friends. So much hard work.

My senior keeps saying, "I just want to do what the other seniors got to do."

Me too. But life is weird. And not fair. And stupid. All those traditions aren't going to happen exactly like the years before.

But they get senior night! So we'll take any and all little victories.

This is the end of marching band season...the (usually) biggest part of the year, where the band members put in the most work, where they spend more time together than with their families. But not this year. I'm sad for the seniors who wanted one more shot at state finals and didn't get it. I'm upset that I won't get to watch my senior play her solo in the show. My heart breaks for these 13 seniors.

So let's cheer until we can't cheer anymore for the Spirit of Woodlan tonight. Let's show them our appreciation for the years the seniors have given to the band, to the leadership they've given this year to all those who will continue without them.

But we continue forward. Concert band. Jazz band. Pep band. Maybe musical band. We find ourselves stronger. Maybe we don't get to participate in all the traditions exactly like previous years. Maybe we find our experience different. Maybe we get this odd-shaped piece of life, but fit it into the puzzle despite the oddness.

Congrats, Class of 2021! You've left your mark. You've made a difference. You added spirit to the Spirit of Woodlan. Can't wait to see you fly!

And have a fabulous night tonight!

A GREAT BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Sarah Gunder for the fantastic banners!

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