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Back on the Field

On Friday, September 18th, the Spirit of Woodlan performed at halftime during the football game. Maybe not in uniform. Maybe not a whole show. Maybe no guard, which is sad for they are a part of this group.


They played a couple fun pep-band-ish songs, then busted out the first part of the show...or what will be next year's show.

A sneak peek perhaps? Letting those who will be marching next year get some extra practice?


Honestly, it made my heart happy just to see them on the field, for I feared that it wouldn't happen this year. Yet there they were, standing proud. No judges. No pressure. No scores.

Just music. And cheering. And fun being part of their band.

Who are we? The Spirit of Woodlan. And we will do what we can do and make the best of what this year gives us.

And on Friday, October 16th, we get another shot on the turf. Homecoming. And senior night, where we honor the Class of 2021. Maybe they will wear their uniforms one last time...not sure about that yet.

For the halftime show, we not only get music, but visuals are being added to the performance. Go, Spirit! Go have a great time. Play one last time on the field this fall and for the last time.

As the band marches to their places, let's remember to think...

Spirit of Woodlan, you may now take the field.

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