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A Spell of Light

It began in darkness.

Tired faces. Shuffling feet. Shoulders wrapped in blankets. Hands clutched pillows.

Time for a bus ride. Time to perform.

October 13, 2018. Regionals.

The sun broke the darkness, sending it into deep corners and forgotten places. Light touched the instruments, ready and waiting.

Lunch served with pizzazz. Our own little shaded spot, holding the chill air.

Always searching for the light, for the fun. Darkness banished. The members of the Spirit of Woodlan get ready for The Witching Hour.

Hats. Jackets. Gloves. Gauntlets. Shoes. Everything just right. Everything just so. The sun shone on bright plumes and smiles.

My faeries prepared. Flags wrapped with care. Faces full of mischief as they waited to enchant the musicians on the field.

The Spirit of Woodlan assembled in the light. Music and drill tucked in their memory. The need to do their best burned. Fire up, Woodlan! Find the spark of energy, the pulse of power to send into the air, a bolt the audience can feel.

Spirit of Woodlan, the field is yours. Cast your spell.

The show came to life. Every note, every move perfect? No. But perfection pales to performance, to sharing the love of this music. The story unfolded with every twirl, every wave of a flag, every skip, and every tilt of a head. They left the field to grand cheers.

Only to return, to wait.

Fourteen bands. Ten will move on to semi-state. Hopes coat the track. Nervous smiles play on faces. What will the judges say? What rating will they receive?

The drum majors and guard members stand ready. The rest of the band sits in the stands.

Because the day began in the dark, and they wish to dispel the lingering shadows, of doubt, of not knowing.

One after another, the ratings were announced. Finally…


Gold rating.

With distinctions in music, visual, effect.

The only band to get all three.

A great day. A great performance. Now onto semi-state! A couple weeks to work on those mistakes, to polish the notes, to get that much better. For the journey isn’t over.

The day ended in the dark, though I doubt anyone noticed that the sun had fallen. For pride and excitement painted a glow over the black of night.

Fabulous job, Spirit!

Now set your gaze on semi-state…where, with this magical show, we will capture a place at state.

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