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A Whole New Look for the Winter Winds Show

It has been a busy few weeks for Woodlan Winter Winds! During the practices leading up to Prelims, they focused on reworking many of the sets and mastering the third part of their show. They made changes to the music and storyline in order to make the show flow better and make more sense to the judges and the audience. They were able to get alternate uniform shirts and hats since their original uniform order fell through. They had their group photo taken at school and the seniors finally got to see their senior banners displayed now that they had uniforms. Lights were added to the tarot card props and soloist stage. By the time last Saturday rolled around, they looked like a whole new group performing an entirely revamped show!


2024 Senior Banners in the band room

Last Saturday, March 9th, the students of Winter Winds met at the school for a morning rehearsal. After packing up and loading the trailers, the students were served a lunch of tacos and desserts. They loaded the bus and headed to Westfield High School in Westfield, Indiana.

Morning practice

After arriving at Westfield, the students helped unload the trailers and pull the equipment into the loading area. They changed into their shiny (literally) new shirts and hats and went off to have their group photo taken by the photographer. They headed off to warm-ups, where they rehearsed with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. They were ready for a great show!

Caitlyn looking amazing in ALL the hats!

Students from Avon wishing our students Good Luck - these are some of the great moments shared by band students!

During Warm-Ups

Woodlan Winter Winds again performed last in the Winds Scholastic A Class and took the floor at 7:33pm. The students had a great performance and the crowd loved their music and show. They brought a lot of energy and fun to their show, and they all seemed to have a great time. After making the long, cold walk back to the trailers with the equipment, the students put away their instruments and headed back inside to watch the few remaining groups before awards. They didn’t have long to wait before it was time for the awards ceremony.

This week, the seven members of the senior class represented Woodlan Winter Winds in the award ceremony. Woodlan again took the 5th place spot out of the 8 groups in our class. The students were very excited to hear that their scores continued to inch closer and closer to those of the top four groups and that they could really be a contender for one of the top 3 or 4 spots at State Finals. They continue to deliver very strong performances and have a real chance of competing with the bands from the bigger schools. The placements for the Winds Scholastic A Class were:

1.       Kokomo Indoor Winds

2.       Ben Davis Winter Winds

3.       Warren Central Winds

4.       Lake Central Winds

5.       Woodlan Winter Winds

6.       Washington Winds

7.       Clay City Indoor Winds

8.       Yorktown Indoor Winds & Percussion

The Awards Ceremony

Woodlan was represented by the 2024 Senior Class: Rogan, Alex, Bella, Braedon, Ean, Joe, and Calvin

The students of Winter Winds will continue to work at perfecting their show for their final competition at Winds State Finals. They continue to bring out new and fun changes to their show to wow the judges and the audience. They have a few more tricks to pull out of their sleeves for their final performances, so make sure you come and check them out!


Woodlan Winter Winds will be joining Woodlan Winter Guard for their annual Community Performance this upcoming Friday, March 22nd at 7pm in the main high school gym.  Winter Guard will be doing two run-throughs of their Gold-rated show, “As the Days Grow Shorter” followed by Winter Winds presenting their show “The Other Side” for two run-throughs. This is a free event to present the winter programs to our much-appreciated supportive community. We hope you can join us!


Winter Winds will then conclude their season the following day on Saturday, March 23rd at Indiana Percussion Association’s Winds State Finals at Avon High School in Avon, Indiana. The event schedule has not been finalized by IPA at this time, but Winds Scholastic A Finals is slated to begin at 7:00pm. Woodlan Winter Winds will perform at 7:18pm, and the class will conclude with Kokomo Indoor Winds at 7:54pm. Winds Scholastic World Class and Winds Independent World Class will perform from 8:13pm to 8:46pm and will be followed by the Awards Ceremony at 9:15pm. The Awards Ceremony will include a Full Retreat of all of the participants, and you won’t want to miss it! Please come out and support these fine young musicians for their final performance of the season!

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