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A Wicked Good Time at the Slattery Barn!

After a fantastic Community Performance on Saturday, October 23rd, the band and guard all rushed home to get all decked out in their favorite Halloween costumes for a fun evening at Mr. Slattery’s house. What a fun night they all had in his barn, laughing and playing games together. It’s an awesome tradition that the Slatterys host the students at their house every year (well, except for, you know, LAST year). They had some most excellent costumes! There were ghosts, the Hulk, a blow-up dinosaur, a cowboy, a blow-up cow, a VSCO girl, a referee, Cruella, a zombie, steam punk ladies, a fashionable red plate, Fred Flintstone/Mario (???), hippies, Daddy Pig, a maid, a Power Ranger, Ness, a construction worker, Barbie, and so many more… even the amazing Sarah Gunder (my favorite costume of the night!). They played air hockey, foosball, ping pong, and yes, of course… NINJA! This group of kids has so much fun together, and they all had a great time on Saturday night. Thanks to the Slatterys for hosting such a fun evening for these kids!

Creepy! He's watching you!!!

Photo Credits: Bella Harber and Brendan Maska (AKA the Amazing Sarah Gunder)

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