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An Indoor Performance For the Community

Well, weather was not our friend last week, and band practices were made complicated by the rain. The students planned to practice on Friday, 10/13/23, during their fall break. Earlier in the week, the forecast called for rain on Friday, so the decision was made to move their Friday practice to Monday, 10/16/23. Rain also forced the band to host the annual Community Performance on 10/14/23 inside in the Auxiliary Gym, which was a disappointment for many who were eager to see them perform their full show on the football field. The students enjoyed an extra hour of sleep on Saturday morning before meeting at 9am for practice indoors. They held practice indoors until lunchtime, when they were served hot dogs, chips, macaroni and cheese, and cupcakes out of the concession stand.

After lunch, the students changed into their uniforms for Individual, Group, and Sectional pictures in the band room. They held a music practice as well until it was time for the Community Performance.

At 3pm, the band joined the community in the Auxiliary Gym for two run-throughs of their show. While we were all hoping for a performance outdoors on the football field, the band did an incredible job performing inside. Wow! The music sounded great, and many people commented on how nice it was to see and hear the individual students in a way they would not have been able to on the football field. It was a great performance and they have come a long way in the last two weeks! Mr. Slattery introduced the staff to the community before concluding the program. The students visited with family and friends before changing out of uniforms and rushing out of there! They had a party to get to! The students were excited to get their Halloween costumes on and head to Mr. Slattery’s barn for their annual Halloween Party, something they all really enjoy.

Mr. Slattery introducing the staff: Katie Chlebek, Roy Castillo, Jennifer Spencer, Nicole Osborn, Cody Groves, Nathan Spellman, Brendan Maska, Joe Jungk, and Olivia Lake (Derick Herschberger and Sean Burton couldn't be there).

This week, the band is working hard at practices to be ready for the ISSMA Semi-State competition at Franklin Community High School in Franklin, Indiana. This will be a big and very long day for the students, who are hopeful to finish the day in the top 10 bands in the state, who will advance to ISSMA State Finals at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 28th. Woodlan will perform with 18 other bands from across the state this weekend and will take the field at 3:30pm. The first band will perform at 1:00pm, and the competition will conclude with the awards ceremony at 6:45pm. We truly hope you can bring all the cheers and encouragement you can for these awesome students. When the judge waves them onto the field, we can’t wait to hear our strong community of supporters cheering wildly for these kids. Your cheers will excite and encourage them to help them perform their very best. Good luck at Semi-State, Spirit of Woodlan! We all believe in you!

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