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Band Camp Achievement Unlocked

Week one of band camp is complete.

But what does that mean?

It means, by last Friday, the marching musicians of Woodlan were tired. Feet ached. Advil came to the rescue of lips hurting from hours of playing. Possible sunburn. Heat drained their energy. But this is what it takes, to learn the music, to learn the drill, to be ready to compete this fall.

Summer isn’t over. One parade left. But the show takes over importance. Before we know it, it will be competition season.

Music. Music. Music. Hit those notes. Get the crescendos and decrescendos. Let the melody sing. Not just notes, but music full of emotions to enchant the audience. They practiced. I listened a couple times and, gosh diddly darn, I really love this music. Powerful, powerful stuff.

The soloists prepared for their moments.

The sections separated to perfect techniques.

Over and over again. They played, working hard because they have to have it memorized, because they want to do their best.

But not just the music. The movement. I used to call it choreography or steps, until I was taught to call it drill.

Drill. Being able to move across the field forward, backward, sideways, diagonal, and every other way. It happened in the morning, outside, in that bit of pavement stuck between the baseball and softball fields.

As a group, they did basic movements,reviewing to count, to start, to stop, and learning what all the moves are called.

Step from heal to toe. To go back, get up on your toes. Keep your upper body calm and still as if floating.

Going in straight lines or making a box, it all has to be perfect…well, as perfect as they can get. . It’s an art. It’s hard.

Ever watched by their fearless leader. Ever listening to his guidance…mostly.

From the repetition of moving back and forth, from the constant work the show will grow. It begins in that same piece of pavement with spray paint. It begins with dots.


The magic of drill begins with a blob of color. Different sections have different colors. Each person in the band has a designation. But more about that a different time.

Because we need to thank the wonderful band moms who helped paint the uniform boxes! They are all shiny and new!


And now for summer vacation. A month with no band practices or events on the calendar.



Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

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