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And the 2020 Marching Band Season Begins with a Zoom

Welcome to the 2020 season of the Spirit of Woodlan marching band!

Tis I, Kathy Palm, your friendly band-mom-blogger. If you are new to band, let me introduce myself. My daughter will be a senior this year, is a senior now, technically, and section leader for the trumpets. This will be her fifth season with the band, having joined when she started eighth grade, which makes this my fifth year as a band parent. I still have no idea what I'm doing.

This year, band looks completely different. It's been really quiet. No practices at school. No marching outside. No musicians all together.

But we still have a show to learn. This is my daughter's senior year and she will do everything in her power to make this the best show ever. As far away as state finals seem...the road to get there, starts now.

The show music was sent out in March. Hopefully everyone has been practicing. I've heard the same trumpet music so many times, I'm can hum. But, without a director and all the other musicians, without color guard, without the guidance of teachers, she's reached what she can it's time to put it together, to try to make it a show.

But how?

With magic.

And the magic begins...TONIGHT! *waves magic wand furiously*

This wonderful month of June, sectionals will meet via Zoom. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6-7:30pm, the pieces will begin to move into place. Tonight we shall witness the musical Zooming! I can't wait to find out just what this will look like! Though the band season looks a little strange, I have faith that the Spirit of Woodlan will give it their all and do their best.

Coming up...

I'm planning posts to go into more detail about how you can help the band by volunteering in one or more of the roles needed to keep this band marching. We all have the registration packet. We might have looked at it. We might have seen the list of committees and maybe panicked (or was that just me?) or wondered what in the heck it all meant. If you're new to band, or just haven't yet submerged yourself in the wonders of volunteering, I want to help it be less scary and overwhelming. I sure could have used that years ago.

But I would love a bit of help from those who have given so much time to these little groups of fun. From the uniform crew, to concessions, to chaperones, to pit crew, to meal prep, to decorators, to banquet planning, community day, to the blog (oh wait, that's me!), please contact me to share what it's like in the day of the life. What do you do? Any and all details welcome, especially in the uniform and concession areas, for I have the least experience in those. Let's make volunteering easy and fun.

Send any and all details to me at PLEASE AND THANK YOU

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