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I’m sorry, what?

I still have cranes on the brain, and making up words is fun…that’s what.

Every show season is different, but each year the show grows into itself, becoming what it is supposed to be over the months of performance. This year the transformation has been amazing!

Last May, the band began with the music and basic drill…and dreams of platforms, a giant crane, guard uniforms and flags, and eye-catching visuals.

Note by note and step by step, the music and drill were conquered for parts one through three. Platforms were built. And the show’s foundation was set, solid and ready for more.

The platforms grew and changed, finally built to their full height, fully integrated into the show with a few cranes and not just the soloists Tanner and Breanna using them, but the guard too. The guard uniforms and flags entered a few competitions in, adding so much to the story.

The front screens.

The GIANT crane.

Adding part four.

Visuals…a sweep of an arm, a nod of a head, a bend of a knee.

And still A Thousand Cranes is not done. This weekend a couple more surprises (there might be glitter involved) will be unveiled as the show reaches its grand conclusion, its final performance.

But not only the look of the show evolved. The Spirit of Woodlan took this show and made it better every week. The music. The drill. The visuals. They haven’t reached the top, haven’t hit a plateau. These fine musicians and color guard haven’t taken this show as far as it can go. With the song of state finals growing louder, this is the perfect time for the marching band to finish on a crescendo of victory.

The crane-volution of A Thousand Cranes isn’t done. For good fortune awaits at state.

To celebrate, some personalized locker decorations go up today and super glittery fun shall fly in to the band room!

See you at Lucas Oil! Let’s cheer on the Spirit of Woodlan as they take the field one more time this year!

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