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Help Wanted: Banquet

Everyone has skills. Everyone has talents. Everyone has a desire to make their children happy. (I mean, mostly. Right?)

Anywho, if happiness comes in the form of the marching band, then we must all pitch in to make every season great.

This is part of a series giving details on how the parents, guardians, family, and friends of the marvelous marchers of the Spirit of Woodlan can support the band.

When the registration form arrives at the beginning of the season, and you stare at the "Band Booster Committee" page, there could be some serious WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO thoughts. But have no fear. We're all in this together.

And we have a pretty darn good time.

Let's talk the Spirit of Woodlan end of season banquet.

When the competitions are finished. When practice is over. When the show fades to a memory. Time to celebrate. The end of season banquet is a way to honor the band, staff, and all who helped support the marchers. And, of course, volunteers are needed to put on this shindig, which usually happens in the Woodlan auditeria (you'll need to work with the school for this) around the second weekend of November. From planning the menu to even cooking. To getting invitations to every family. Setting up the tables (we use the school's tables) for seating and the buffet line. Getting enough food. Serving the food and making sure everything is restocked. Plates. Silverware. Drinks. Table decorations...from vases with glittery stuff inside to placemats and confetti. And clean up.

Invitations go out before the event. And RSVPs and money (for those other than band members) should be returned by a certain date.

The banquet includes speeches from Mr. Slattery, a couple band members, parents, and some of the band booster board. The seniors are recognized and given gifts. It is a night of remembering. A night of chatting. A night of fun and food and cake...hopefully there's cake. The banquet wraps up the season, putting a sparkly exclamation point at the end of another great fall.

Be a part of the Banquet Brigade. Help finish off the season with a bang. A lot of work goes into one night, but it's always a grand time. See you there!

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