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Help Wanted: Community Night

Everyone has skills. Everyone has talents. Everyone has a desire to make their children happy. (I mean, mostly. Right?)

Anywho, if happiness comes in the form of the marching band, then we must all pitch in to make every season great.

This is part of a series giving details on how the parents, guardians, family, and friends of the marvelous marchers of the Spirit of Woodlan can support the band.

When the registration form arrives at the beginning of the season, and you stare at the "Band Booster Committee" page, there could be some serious WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO thoughts. But have no fear. We're all in this together.

And we have a pretty darn good time.

Let's talk community night happens during the, community day? SURE.

On a Saturday at the end of October (about the next to last Saturday before regionals), the Spirit of Woodlan doesn't get on a bus and travel to a competition. They stay at Woodlan and perform for anyone who wants to come. All the friends and neighbors and relatives, who don't get to the competitions...let's face it, some aren't very close...will be delighted to view the show that the band members have worked on for so long.

But, that's not all. No. The band offers food! What? I know. Crazy awesome. Each section, like the flutes, percussion, trumpets, etc., will bring different food items for the day, such as hot dogs, chips, cookies, etc.. A list will be sent out of who needs to bring what. Then our fantastic volunteers come in that day to set up...cook the hot dogs, put out plates and the rest of the food so everyone who comes can go through the line and get what they want before sitting down to enjoy the show! Those helpers will make sure enough food is out and help serve.

The plan is to have the band perform out on the field, the food served from the concession stand, and everyone taking seats in the bleachers. Uniform crew (Team We Look Good) will be on hand to get everyone in and out of uniforms. Some of the pit crew (Prop Stars) will be needed to set up the props for the show, only no time limits or rules or running. YES! The entire show will be performed twice with a short break in-between, where our fearless leader Mr. Slattery will introduce the staff and talk about the show.

However, it being October, the weather doesn't always cooperate. Too wet or too cold and the performance will be held in the small gym. A few of the props will be used, but not all. The food will be served in the hall. In the gym, the marchers will not march. They will stand in an arc and play, doing any visual movements they have while in place. The guard gets to be front and center tossing and twirling and enchanting us with their moves. So the entire effect of the drill is missed when performing inside, but IT SURE SOUNDS SPECTACULAR IN THERE. And again, they will play twice. Out of the four shows I've been apart of, only one has been performed outside.

From The Witching Hour. An inside community day!

Volunteers will help clean up the food, put props away, and get uniforms situated when the day is complete. So if you can help give a bit back to the community that supports the band, COME! It's a fun day. A great non-competition day with less stress and everyone gets to go home without having to wait for the buses.

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