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Help Wanted: Concessions

Everyone has skills. Everyone has talents. Everyone has a desire to make their children happy. (I mean, mostly. Right?)

Anywho, if happiness comes in the form of the marching band, then we must all pitch in to make every season great.

This is part of a series giving details on how the parents, guardians, family, and friends of the marvelous marchers of the Spirit of Woodlan can support the band.

When the registration form arrives at the beginning of the season, and you stare at the "Band Booster Committee" page, there could be some serious WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO thoughts. But have no fear. We're all in this together.

And we have a pretty darn good time.

Let's talk concessions.

One of the main ways the band makes money is by working the concession stands outside for home football and soccer games and inside for volleyball matches. Time slots range from week nights to Saturday mornings, so many possibilities. Multiple volunteers are needed for each time, so if you can work, please do! Sign-ups are posted on the website! Consider helping out at a couple.

No experience required.

Do you like people? Do you like giving hungry Warrior fans food? Do you like taking money from small children, helping them spend all their coins on sugar so their parents will be super happy later?

Then concessions is for you.

From being at the counter taking orders and money, to being in the back warming pretzels, wrapping hot dogs, popping popcorn, grabbing drinks out of the fridge, making nachos, and pumping cheese-like stuff into cups, concessions is a whirlwind of fun. In-between rushes for yummy food, watch the game and chat with the rest of the band volunteers.

Concession time begins with counting money and setting up. Popping popcorn, oil and salt and, hey sometimes things go wrong and there is burning, but normally everything goes smoothly. Getting bread sticks and pretzels out of the fridge...or freezer if we need more. Hanging the pretzels in their super cool spinning warmer thing. Warming up the cheese. Warming the hot dogs. Finding the hot dog buns. Getting out bowls and salt for pretzels. Setting up the bags of chips for easy open and dump into bowls for nachos. There's lettuce in the fridge for walking tacos. Getting any candy out of the fridge and displaying them nicely to tempt people.

Then wait for the people. For they will come.

Prices are marked on the board. Usually the customers know what they want, but sometimes decisions are hard.

And the food is served. Money is collected. Fun times are had by all.

At some point just before the end of the game, clean up begins. All the popcorn is put in bags and sometimes handed out for free, to get rid of it. If it came out of the fridge, it goes back. There is a sink and dish soap for any bowls or crockpots that need to be washed. All surfaces are washed. Money is counted. Notes are made of how much. And I'm sure I forgot something...a little detail here and there, but you get the idea.

There are people in charge of concessions. Who take time to count all the product, to figure out how much they sell and how much they need to buy. Food heroes.

Will you answer the call to be a FOOD HERO?

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