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Here We are…The Beginning


Let me introduce myself. I am Kathy Palm, mother to trumpeter Ella, and have been given freedom over the blog. I don’t know what the people who gave me this power were thinking, but I shall attempt to inform and entertain through the marching band season.


Marching band magic floats in the air.

Practices have begun. As we say good-bye to the seniors, new members have found their way into the family. Bonding has begun as the sections form teams that will unite into the Spirit of Woodlan and rock the fields this fall.

The Witching Hour will cast a spell…

But I am getting ahead of myself. First we have summer! Let’s focus on June. The next three weeks practice will be held from 6-9 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (well, except this Friday the 8th because, thanks Karissa!). Practice is so important, it makes all the difference in a sport that relies on precision and art.

The band has been outside warming up their parade steps and music for Hoagland Days Parade on June 16th…there is one chaperone spot left!…and the Woodburn and North Webster Parades on the 23rd…sign up to chaperone for those too!

And June ends with band camp. Monday the 25th through Friday the 29th from 8-4! Music. Fun. All the shenanigans, for if there are band kids…there are always shenanigans. I love these musical people!

Don’t miss the parent meeting on Tuesday the 5th at 6! Hang out. Laugh. Meet the Woodlan Band Boosters officers. Maybe learn something. Part of the ship, part of the crew. Part of the ship, part of the crew…

And if you’re like me…you should dig that registration form out of the drawer or pile of papers you stashed it under weeks ago and fill it out, maybe turn it in. OR YES, TURN IT IN! It is due no later than the 25th (the first day of band camp). I have set mine where I can’t miss it. While we’re talking about turning things in, band fees are due by the end of the month. The band doesn’t run on wishes and dreams, everyone, let’s be sure to help!

This is the beginning. The start of new music, new steps, new faces. The path ahead is covered in shadow of the unknown, but holds the sparks of dreams come true. Work. Sweat. Laughter. And doing their best. The Spirit of Woodlan Marching Band comes together again.

Support them however you can.

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