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It Was Still A Pretty Busy “Off” Weekend!

This past weekend was an “off” weekend with no competitions for the Spirit of Woodlan. However, it remained a pretty busy weekend for these kids. I have to say, I love the versatility of these students! In 24 hours, they went from parade mode to half-time show to practice to team and individual photos to mattress advertisers, and they seemed to have a great time doing it! You get the sense that these kids genuinely enjoy spending time together!

First up, the band and guard performed for Woodlan’s Homecoming parade through the streets of Woodburn after school on Friday. They carpooled and managed to get there and back, enjoying time with each other as they went.

(Thanks to Brandi Walter for the photos!)

After eating dinner, they changed into their uniforms and got ready to perform. There were LOTS of missing black socks (I’ll cut them some slack as they came straight from school), glove changes, gauntlet exchanges, and a whole flurry of action as they rushed out to the football field. The kids helped ensure that Janell Fuller and I got plenty of exercise in, running back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth) to the band room to collect forgotten items. Alas, they were ready for their show! They put on a great half-time show to a very excited crowd. It was so nice to hear the screams and cheers of support from their peers at Woodlan. Great job, Spirit!

Saturday morning brought a full morning practice, followed by a pizza lunch from the Band Boosters. After lunch, back into their uniforms they went to pose for team and individual photos. They schemed how to make their sectional pictures lots of fun. After their individual photos, they were rushed down to the Varsity gym to help advertise for the Mattress Fundraiser.

The amazing Sarah Gunder at work with the crazy clarinets!

Individual photos - looking sharp!

I have heard that most of the students weren’t crazy excited to advertise for the mattress sale, but, in their typical fashion, they found a way to make it a good time. They were creative and made the sale signs into a hamster wheel, a wrestling ring, and a tower. There were lots of laughs, and they ended up having a really fun time together!

Brendan's effort at a smile, lol!

The hamster wheel sounded like a great idea...

A little wrestling fun!

Why, hello in there, Torin!

Next up, the Spirit of Woodlan will perform at the Homestead Invitational this upcoming Saturday, October 2, 2021. They will perform at 2:15pm, with awards for their class at 2:30pm. Please come out and support these awesome kids!

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