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Marching for Mental Health and Performing for the Community!

Last weekend was a very busy weekend for Woodlan Winter Winds. On Friday, March 17, 2023, Woodlan Winter Winds hosted the Second Annual March for Mental Health, a fundraiser to raise funds for both the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Woodlan Winter Winds. Due to the cruddy weather, the March was moved inside again this year. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention had a table set up with information to help spread awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. There was a great turnout from the community to join the Winter programs for the March. After the hour-long march through the hallways of Woodlan, everyone gathered in the gym to listen to the guest speakers. Woodlan’s Guidance counselor, Andy Davis, spoke to the crowd first and gave a lot of great information about resources available both at Woodlan and locally. After Mr. Davis spoke, Mel Shade from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention talked about suicide and mental health impacts on communities and shared how her family was personally affected by suicide.

After the guest speakers, Woodlan Winter Guard and Woodlan Winter Winds both performed twice for the Community Performance. It was great for both groups to share with the community what they’ve been working on for months. Both groups did a wonderful job and the crowd enthusiastically supported them.

After the performances, Woodlan Winter Programs presented the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention a check for $1785.66. It was a great turnout for a great cause, and the night was made complete with wonderful performances by our winter programs!

Phil McCague and Molly Rao from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Honor Beads

It was great to have so much support from the community!

Cody Groves, director of Woodlan Winter Winds

Mr. Andy Davis, Woodlan Guidance Counselor

Mel Shade, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Darlene Miller, Coordinator for the March for Mental Health, promised to allow her son Braedon to smash a pie in her face if 75 or more people signed up for the March... and they did!

Braedon and Darlene Miller

The Winter Winds with their donation check to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (for $1785.66!)

Woodlan Winter Winds and Winter Guard with the donation check

Jennifer Spencer introduced the Winter Guard for their Community Performance

After the Winter Guard finished their performances for the community, Woodlan Winter Winds performed twice for the community as well.

Performance #1

Performance #2

The students celebrated the members from other schools. We're so glad they joined us this season!

Josiah Thomas asked the community to help him sing Happy Birthday to his sister, Abigail!

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