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Music Ninjas

Last Saturday was a long day with practice and lunch and more practice, then a bus ride…so before the time arrived to step into their uniforms, the musicians took a moment to have fun.

A game of ninja. What is ninja? Well, it seems many people don’t know. It involves moving and hitting and laughing…and yelling.

The players begin in a circle. The objective…be the last one standing. How? Get the other players out by hitting both their hands. Each person takes a turn, making one move- either a strategic step toward a target (or a defensive jump away from a possible attacker) or a strike to get an opponent out. There’s a lot of face-making and threat-calling. There’s a lot of laughing. There’s frustrated cries and shouts of victory. The spectators root for their friends, mostly for those in their section…because loyalty is everything.

Welcome to ninja.

Under the hot sun, they played.

Until they had to stop. They were in Dekalb to compete after all. When the time came to set aside the game, they did, getting into their uniforms, hats, gloves, gauntlets, and plumes. The craziness gone. The time to work approached.

The ninjas assembled, ready to perform some serious moves on the field.

By the time they marched into place the sun had made its glorious exit, leaving a clear sky smeared with color and the heat of the day a memory.

What a performance!

Then we waited for the results, but we all knew how great they sounded and looked…our ninjas of the band and guard.

Please give the trophy for best music to…

Earning top scores in music, visuals, and general effect. The first place trophy came back to Woodlan.

Don’t let their silliness and antics fool you. The Spirit of Woodlan knows how to have fun, but they know how to focus and perform. They know how to win. Like ninjas of A Thousand Cranes.

A great start to this season! Can’t wait for more!

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