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Never the Same Show Twice

The Spirit of Woodlan strives for perfection, to get every note and every step exactly right. Well, for humans, that’s impossible. Who wants to be perfect, anyway. That’s boring!

Part of the sport of marching band is to get as close as possible to that unattainable perfection, to improve every time, to watch the score inch up and up.

And that is what the finest marching band on the planet has been doing this season. (And if you have to ask what band that is…you don’t get a cookie.)

But this being human is why we never quite get the same show twice. Overall, it’s the same show. The differences are imperceptible. The human element means not all the moves are exactly the same, not all the notes repeat just as they did before, not all the flag twirling perfectly reflects the last performance. But the human element brings the joy, the passion, the beautiful imperfections.

A Thousand Cranes gained part four last Saturday at Homestead, a whole new section no one knew, the show’s ending finally here. The props have changed each competition and aren’t finished yet, as the show grows and develops.

All to attain the goal of ISSMA state finals.

The audience affects the show, changing it for the better, building the energy and propelling the musicians and guard to take another few steps to that illusive perfection. The vibe last Saturday was electric. The roar of the crowd sent waves of positivity to those on the field. KEEP IT UP WOODLAN FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

For we go to Homestead this weekend for the beginning of ISSMA competition.

Another step on the journey. Another push to improve. Another show that is just like and yet a tiny bit different than all the others.

To end, a glimpse of the colorful decor that went up on the lockers today.

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