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One Last Parade: Harlan Days

The first Saturday in August. It was warm, but not too bad. The sun shone, gleaming off instruments and the happy faces of all the eager members of the Spirit of Woodlan. Okay…maybe not eager. After all, summer was coming to an end. Who would be eager about that.

But we had a parade that needed us. A stretch of road ready for marching and music. People lined by the streets in chairs. Small children waited with bags and Halloween pumpkins in hopes that someone would throw them a treat. It began with a drum beat.

And the marching of feet.

Then the music roared into the summer air.

They marched. From one end of the route to the other. Following sirens and horses. A line of Jeeps. The Woodlan cheerleaders. Go carts. All the fun of a small town parade!

People waited at the end of the route, near the smells of fair food and the promise of rides.

Finally, we could hear the band, and they strode proudly into view. Instruments shone bright. The flags waved. They marched to the end.

Another summer gone. Another parade season complete.

Great job, Spirit!

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