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Reset. Do it Again. (AKA Bandcamp)

What is this? An alien language? Art? A mess?

More like band graffiti, the language of learning drill.

All these dots and numbers mean something to each band member. Each section has a color, each member has a number. Have you seen a drill sheet? You should. It’s pretty cool! Spots mark where they begin a set, where their little feet should be at the end of a set. It’s art.

It also means that band season has begun.

Band season means practice, practice, practice. The music and drill must become more than known, but second nature. What does that mean?

Reset. Do it again.

I stopped by band practice on Thursday and must have heard that phrase 137,485,958,948 times. At least.

Did anyone complain? Nope. They marched back to their place and ran the set again.

They’re still learning. Still getting the steps. Still figuring it all out. The show will develop over the next couple of months with tweaks and visuals to add.

A Thousand Cranes has four parts. I watched them run through parts 1-3. Impressive. Behind the scenes, ideas for band room decorations and locker decorations and props are forming.

The season has just begun, the first competition about a month away, but the Spirit of Woodlan is off to a great start!

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