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Senior Banners Have the Power

Hi! Long time no words...I know.

If you're in the same place as I am, you're still struggling with the fact that competition season is cancelled...erased...over before it began. We should be on our way to knee deep, the band practicing all the time, something happening all the time...decorating, planning, cheering. I'm having glitter withdrawal with no locker decorations to create and no band room to adorn. I'm having cheering withdrawal, no give me a W...

I have free time this fall and I'm unsure how to feel.

HOWEVER, there has been some fun, some celebration, something to remind us that you can't completely erase the Spirit of Woodlan marching band.

A couple days, not long ago, the seniors dressed in their uniforms one last time (or maybe not...) for pictures. A regular picture, smiling as they stand proud. And a not so regular picture, one filled with power, for being a senior in 2020 means being strong.

The AMAZING SARAH GUNDER (what we shall call her from now on) spent hours and hours, using her photo superpowers, to give us the Class of 2021 banners, which hang on the fence at the football field. Each senior gets two banners this year, their everyday self and their secret super self.

If you haven't seen these, I hope you get the chance. With so many seniors this year, the marching band is a force to be reckoned with as their banners take a lot of the fence. We outnumber everyone else.

I don't have pictures of the regular banners (go see them on the fence!), but I want to share the incredible work Sarah did on the superhero ones. Because...just because...

They might not get a chance to go to state one last time, but they are heroes. Congrats Class of 2021.

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