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The In-between Time and a New Site!

Hi, tis your friendly band-Mom blogger. And no one panic! Marching band season is not quite upon us. We float in the land of no longer humming about a few cranes. The past season of doing all the crane-related things has faded to happy memories, and the next season (holding who knows what non-crane-related wonders) still lingers in the void of the future.


In this strange in-between time, there is much concert banding, jazz banding, pep banding, musical banding, show choir banding, winter guarding, and winter percussion ensemble-ing! The solo and ensemble performances occurred last weekend...GREAT JOB to all who participated!

Whoa. That's a lot. GO BAND GO!


Sarah Gunder has been working on a sparkling new website for The Spirit of Woodlan.

I'm here to test the new blog space. It's so nice. Has that new blog smell. And I will happily post for one more year. (Yes, Sarah, that's all.)

Enjoy your winter! Before you know it a new show will be chosen and marching band will begin again.

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