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The Making of a Marching Band Show: The Music

Happy summer vacation!

I don’t know about you, but looking at my pretty empty calendar this month has me smiling. But don’t get too comfy. Week two of band camp is closer than you think.

Show season is coming.

What does it take…to create the show?

A lot of hard work, that’s what.

First and foremost, the music makes the show.

The brass, the woodwinds, the percussion…each section has their parts to play. The melody going from one to the other, as the rest of the band supports it. The nuances of the crescendo. Adding just the right tone to the show. Hitting all the big moments. Sending goosebumps across the arms of every listener. Making the audience shudder in delight

The music.

Little black marks on a white sheet of paper. Lines and dots. Arcs and numbers. So much meaning in a bit of ink. So much emotion and artistry waiting to be brought to life. Without the music we have no show.




Every note, every dynamic hold, every phrase of sound will come together to make magic.

As we head into summer vacation, hopefully you hear the wondrous tones of practicing. Maybe sections will gather to play. Hopefully all they gained will not be lost.

Of course it won’t! These musicians are fabulously talented.

Have a restful month with no running to and from band!

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