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The Witching Hour

The show season approaches, so let’s talk this season’s theme.

The show is explained as…

“The Witching Hour references the folk belief that in the dead of night witches and other supernatural forces are at their most active and dangerous. We normally sleep through this frightening time of day…but what if we had the misfortune to be awake? As the clock strikes three, the guard portrays the evil forces which menace the musicians for the remainder of the program. Can they avoid being ensnared till the stroke of four arrives to save them? The Witching Hour is a fun, engrossing program that will have your audience leaning forward, fascinated to see what comes next.”

The Witching Hour. A little dark? A little scary?

Kinda like life.

The clock ticks and tocks its way through minutes, hours, days…years.

We have no idea what waits for us when the sun rises, when the sun sets, when the moon shines. We choose a path, a destination, and travel the road hoping for an easy journey, but that’s not always the case. It’s pretty much never the case.

Life happens. Some of it’s wonderful, full of light and smiles, but some of it’s difficult, draped in sadness and shadows. Though how can we find the light if we don’t face the dark?

As time passes, as the clock hands move ever closer to the moments where we must be prepared to be strong.

The Witching Hour. The moment the path we take twists and turns, disappears into the unknown, or simply stops. Those times our fears come out to play, to test us, to jump in our way, waving their lanky arms, jabbing with claws, and grinning with sharp teeth.

This season’s show The Witching Hour gives us this moment. The dark moment. The moment of choice. To stand or run. The clock hands get closer and closer to that magical time. The color guard leaps out to play, to lure the band from what they need to do, to push them from where they need to go. The music climbs in and out of the shadows, bright and fluttery, to deep and dangerous.

We can be afraid, but we must stand against the obstacles that crawl into our path. The Spirit of Woodlan will show us as we travel the season. Every practice they will improve, will face the fear of not doing their best, will stand against the wind and rain and cold, and will take the field to perform, no matter what.

They will overcome every challenge. We should all be prepared to face the dark and keep going.

Good luck to the Spirit of Woodlan! The Witching Hour approaches.

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