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They March On

I experienced the Woodburn parade through pictures. I wasn’t there! Did you miss me?

No collecting candy from the side of the road. No watching the enchanted faces of those lining the street. No smiling at the small town spirit. No thrilling bus ride for me. Luckily our band has plenty of parents to step up. You go, wonderful band parents!

I watched a video and pretended that I was standing at the side of the road. And that has to be good enough.

As much as parents want to, we can’t be there for every moment. We miss things. That’s okay. Because these fabulous kids march on. They have their director, they have each other, and they have belief in themselves.

We, as parents, have given that gift to them. So they can live their lives, so they can march.

Even though I wasn’t there…I have pictures to let me live the moment in my imagination. I can see the band coming down the road. I can hear the music. I can feel my joy and pride as they pass. Let me take you there.

Braving the water falling from the sky, the marvelous musicians lined up.

Woodburn was ready.

Ready to cheer as the band played. To wave. To smile. To listen. And the music came to life as they approached.

Faces locked in seriousness, steps carrying them proudly down the road…

The brass played.

Mr. Slattery at their side, as always.

The percussion pounded the rhythm.

The woodwinds filled the air with flowing melodies.

The flags added color and movement.

They marched, the music fading as they went, disappearing down the road. Another parade done.

I have no pictures of the North Webster parade. But if I close our eyes, I can see it. I asked Ella how it was. “It was fine,” she said. And I know they all did their best.

If we’re there or not, they march, taking care to stay in step and showcasing their talent to give the music life.

One parade left.

But the focus is shifting…

Thoughts turn to the fall…

To the show.

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