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What it Means to Be a Band Mom/Dad

Two years ago, my daughter joined the marching band. Cue my fear. That would make me a Band Mom. WHAT DID THAT MEAN?!!!?!?!??!!

I am a volunteer by nature. You need help? I’m there. But Band Mom felt like a whole other dimension of volunteering. Like here’s-a-bit-of-my-soul volunteering. Quivering and uncertain, I stepped into the role and found my place, handing over a piece of myself to the work, the fun, the time, the cheering, the driving,  the chaperoning, the prop-pulling, the nail biting task of watching the Spirit of Woodlan perform.

With two years down and three to go, I am drinking it in. The years will go too fast. The experience will be one I never forget. The family my kid has found will always be a part of her, and I am grateful.

So as we find and dust off our registration forms (due in a couple of weeks! Where did I put that?), think about the list of volunteering options. Do you have time? Do you have the will? Being involved can be a scary thing (it is for me), but totally worth it. Being a part of the Spirit of Woodlan band, being around these fabulous musicians, is a joy. Share your time and talent. You won’t regret it. Your kid will be glad, even if they don’t speak to you…or acknowledge you…pretty much ignore you. I mean, it’s their job.

Most of all, this fabulous marching band needs support (and not just monetary). Dude. All the hours the junior high and high school musicians put in drains them. Physically and emotionally, they become tired little marchers with instruments dragging at their sides. Get them to practice. Remind them of their importance to the group. The band succeeds when everyone does their best and gives their all. Encourage them to work hard, but HAVE FUN! Ask to hear all the funny stories, believe me there are so many. More will be created as the sections bond, building each other up and helping each other be their best.


This week, the work continues as these talented people get ready for their first parade in Hoagland this Saturday! Small town parades make me smile. Watching the Spirit march down the street sends pride cartwheeling through us all. And, hey, there’s usually candy…BONUS!

Practice. Practice. Practice. Memorize the notes. Get the steps as close to perfect as they can. Of course, my kid hopes for rain so they don’t have to go outside to march. *gazes outside* She could get her wish.

Parade season approaches. Parade shirts. Khaki shorts. White socks and (mostly) white shoes. We’ll look sharp on Saturday as the music enchants the audience.

Are you ready?

I am. Ready to do what I can, for I am a Band Mom. *roars*

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