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Time Off…But Not Really

Does your Woodlan musician seem to be home a lot lately? No band practice in July is strange after so much practicing. A full week of band camp left their heads full of music and drill…and now we face time off. Time where, hopefully, everything they learned won’t seep out of their heads.

Because when we return for the second week of band camp, July 29th-August 2nd…they need to be ready to work, to start putting the show together. Before we know it they’ll face the first competition. Too soon to talk about it? Yeah. I know.

But plans are being made…thoughts of props, shirts, and visuals…OH MY!

For all the dear Spirit of Woodlan members…don’t let your hard work fade into nothing.

So, time off? Not really. Does the band ever take time off? I used to think so. Then I became a marching band parent.

A mere lull in the action. That’s all. Yet competition season lurks in the shadows.

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