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Winter Percussion Bonfire-quet

This past Saturday, April 16th, Woodlan Indoor Percussion gathered at Mike and Nicki McFeters' home for an end-of-the-season Bonfire-quet. After the busy and hectic season, Cody decided he wanted something simple and laid back for a fun evening to gather together and celebrate the season, so it was decided to have a Bonfire + Banquet = Bonfire-quet. A potluck style dinner was shared that included hot dogs, hamburgers, dip, chips, cookies, brownies, drinks, and smores. It was a very windy evening, which made the temperature feel even cooler, so it was nice to gather inside the barn. It was too windy to have a traditional bonfire, so the "bonfire" was held in a small fire pit, and the hot dogs were grilled instead of cooked over the fire. The students always seem to have a great time together, no matter what they are doing, so it was a fun night for everyone.

Cody recognized the seniors as leaders in the group, and presented them with the orbs from the show. The three seniors present at the bonfire in turn chose 10 students to "pass the torch" to, and presented those 10 with smaller orbs.

The students enjoyed the McFeters awesome trampoline...

And had an epic game of kickball (so EPIC in fact, that Cody was attacked by his own shadow! :)

Some enjoyed a tractor ride...

Cornhole and smores over the fire...

And of course, baby goats!

They ended the evening with a very competitive game of Spoons, won by the great competitor himself, Cody!

And Cory always finds a way to spread a smile :)

It was a fun evening to celebrate the end of a great Indoor Percussion season. Marching band practices are already underway, and plans are in the works for this fall's show, so stay tuned for more updates :)

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