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Woodlan Indoor Percussion Season Begins!

So, just when we were all starting to enjoy the post-marching-band-season recovery/downtime… BAM! Indoor percussion season began last week! Crazy schedules: you’re back! We’ve missed you! (but only a little!) After having a few weeks off after State Marching Band Finals, over 30 dedicated band students excitedly showed up for Indoor Percussion’s first rehearsal last Tuesday, November 30th. These kids were excited to jump back in to the marching gig, though to be fair, I hear that the footwork for marching indoors is totally different than marching outdoors. These students are so dedicated and clearly LOVE everything band! Many of these students have adopted new percussion instruments, having played altogether different instruments during Concert or Marching Band. This year, Winter Guard members are joining together with Winter Percussion and will add so much to the visual effect of the show. This season is off to a great start!

This is Woodlan Indoor Percussion’s second competitive season, and there is a lot of excitement for this year’s program. Last year, in the middle of the COVID pandemic mess and not having a marching band season, about 19 students said “Yes!” to being in the first-ever competitive season for Woodlan Indoor Percussion. Their show, “Sail Away” featured original music as well as “Come Sail Away” by Styx. The show represented the feeling of vanishing off into the sunset and leaving all of your cares behind. At State Finals, Woodlan Indoor Percussion finished 7th out of 15 bands in the state in the Scholastic B Marching Class (PSB).

The Woodlan Indoor Percussion Season 1 Contestants

"Sail Away"

Last year's group had an awesome time in Winter Percussion

The title for this year’s show is “Out of the Darkness” (#notaboatshow, lol). This show is meant to represent coming out of the darkness in one’s life and into the light. It is meant to mean something different to everyone that performs it or watches it. It’s about being in a place where you don’t feel comfortable or that you belong and eventually finding your way out. The students are hard at work getting ready for this season at 3-hour rehearsals twice a week (with some full day camps coming up). They are excited to work hard and see what kind of success they can achieve this year. Enrollment this year has increased greatly, likely because 1) those that were in it last year loved it so much or 2) these kids can’t get enough of band and are already missing marching season or 3) all of the above!

Uniform measuring underway!

Hard at work during rehearsals

I plan to chronicle the adventures of Indoor Percussion on this blog throughout the season, so stay tuned for more! Derick will be documenting and posting behind the scenes videos on Tiktok and Instagram @woodlanpercussion, so follow for fun updates as well! As always, these students can greatly benefit from parent volunteers during this season. Fittings for new uniforms are underway and plans for set props are in motion. Volunteers are always appreciated for helping build props, providing food on competition days, washing uniforms, decorating lockers, and hauling equipment. Most of all, these students can use a great cheering section at their competitions (we’ll see what restrictions are in place this year due to COVID). It’s going to be an exciting season!

Looking forward, here is the competition schedule for this year:

Saturday, February 12, 2022: Contest at Franklin Central

Saturday, February 19, 2022: Contest at Noblesville

Saturday, March 5, 2022: Contest at Carroll

Saturday, March 12, 2022: Prelims at Pendleton Heights

Saturday, March 19, 2022: State Finals

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